5 Steps to Tune a Bass Guitar (With a Clip On Tuner)

A quick visual guide to tuning your bass guitar:

5 Steps to Tune a Bass Guitar

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In this quick lesson I’m going to show you how to tune a bass guitar FAST.

Step 1 – Buy a Clip on Bass Tuner

This is the easiest kind of tuner to use. You simply clip it onto you bass and away you go. Read to the end of this post to see how you can claim a bass guitar tuner for FREE!

Step 2 – Clip the Tuner to Your Bass

Clip the tuner onto your bass, attaching it where the tuning pegs are.  You just clip it on and you can start tuning.

Step 3 – Strike One of the Strings

Next play one of the strings, without fretting any notes. Remember low frequencies travel slowly so let it ring and give the tuner chance to pick up the sound.

Step 4 – Adjust the Tuning Pegs

Note: Over tightening a string will break it, so do this slowly. By turning the string tighter the needle on the tuner will go to the right. Turning losing the string the needle will go to the left. You want the arrow on your tuner to be in the center, with the correct note showing for each string.

Step 5 – Repeat Tuning Your Bass On All 4 Strings

So repeat this on all of the strings on your bass. The thickest string is an E, then an A, then a D and finally the thinest string is a G. So let each of the notes ring and make sure all 4 of the strings of your bass guitar are in tune.

How To Tune a Bass Guitar – Conclusion

That’s it! Congratulations, you now know how to tune a bass guitar. As promised I’m going to show you how to claim your free bass guitar tuner today. We are giving away 100 bass guitar tuners, to bass players just like you.

So go ahead and claim yours today and start tuning your bass the quick and easy way!


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