So a question I had when first starting out was… Is bass guitar easy to learn?

If you are wondering the same thing then I know how you feel.

I was unsure if I wanted to make the investment in buying a bass and an amp (plus all the accessories to go with it!). So after some research I discovered something interesting…

Bass guitar is easier to get started with than other instruments like electric guitar. Although it takes about the same amount of time and practice to fully master and reach pro level. At the end of the day, the one that you enjoy more will be the one you put the required effort into.

Is Bass Guitar Easy to Learn
Is Bass Guitar Easy to Learn? Read on to find out…

What Makes Bass Guitar Easy To Learn

So one of the things that makes bass guitar easy to learn is the fact that it only has 4 Strings. Where as a regular electric guitar has 6. The one thing to note though is that the bass guitar has thicker strings, which for a beginner having the finger strength to press them may be difficult and sometimes frustrating until your fingers are strong enough.

The fact that the bass is also missing the two strings over a regular guitar mean that there’s also a lot less notes as each of the additional strings adds an additional 12 notes to memorize.

Many beginner bass lines are fairly simple and involves playing one note at a time, where to play basic songs on guitar you’re need to learn chords which involves pressing multiple strings with multiple fingers and strumming the guitar. So not only do you have to learn chord shapes you have to then have the muscle memory to be able to play those chords and then move effortlessly between the chords in a musical sense. Not only that you then have to learn a strumming pattern with your picking hand to then be able to strum the guitar correctly.

Where as for example a simple baseline may involve playing the same notes 16 times in a row before changing and then playing another note for 8 times and then move on to another note 8 times.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar

Another question that you may be wondering is how long does it take to learn bass guitar. Well like any instrument it takes a lifetime to master the instrument but you can quickly get up and going if you have the right information to help teach you how to play. This can vary greatly ranging from a month or two up to a year or two depending on how much practice and effort you put into the instrument and also which methods are used to learn  the instrument.

They say that to master any skill takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice but this can definitely be shortcut with bass as it’s fairly simple to play some basic songs and to be able to play along in a band. The way that you do this is by playing root notes which means for example if the music is playing a c chord you simply just play a C Note along with the song.

It also depends on your natural talent and ability. Some people will pick up a new instrument much quicker than others especially if you have previous experience with another instrument in your past.

Should I Learn Bass or Guitar

Another common question that I often get asked is should I learn bass guitar, be that electric guitar or acoustic guitar. My answer is whichever one that you fall in love with is the one that you should play. The only way that you’re going to spend the time needed to actually learn the instrument is to fall in love with it and I think it really just comes down to personal preference.

For me personally I just love the sound of a bass and how it sounds and everything about it. Where you might prefer to play things like fancy guitar solos and things like that which are obviously different than a bass solo.

It also depends I think also in your personality a little bit. Like you’ve got to be more outgoing and extroverted to maybe play guitar because of the fancy solos and stuff and the attention you get. Well with the bass you’re kind of more at the back of the band, doing your own thing really unless of course you’re like Flea from the a Red Hot Chili Peppers!

So this is a tough one but if you can  try both and see which one you prefer but if you don’t own both instruments then perhaps you could borrow one of my friend or just have a go on theirs and at the end of day it comes down to you

Another consideration is that a guitar is smaller stand-alone instrument. In that you could sing along with it and perform with the regular guitar whereas a bass guitar you’re going to be more of the backing of the band. So the drummer and bass tends to be more in the background at the music whereas guitar will be in the foreground.

Is the Bass Guitar Fun?

Another thing you might be wondering is, is bass guitar fun to play. Personally I found it the most fun instruments that I’ve ever played in my life. I just love the funky groovy sound of bass lines.

I think you start to listen out for it and appreciate it more. Also once you start playing in a band and getting on stage and performing and playing in front of your friends and family  it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Just enjoying the music really and enjoying practicing.

I think if you’re going to put in the time needed, you need to enjoy your practice time. It can’t seem like a chore and so bass guitar has to be fun for you, otherwise there’s no point playing it.

I also feel that it’s more fun because you can be a bit more creative with baselines and they won’t sound incorrect. where if you play the wrong note or wrong chord on a guitar it’s going to sound terrible. So I think there’s a lot more flexibility for small errors and in experimenting with the instrument.

What is the Bass Guitar Used For?

The bass guitar is used in nearly all types of music especially things like rock, blues jazz, punk, pop and virtually every kind of music ever made. Traditionally music would have been played using a upright bass but nowadays a lot of bands now use electric bass guitars.

Some of the advantages of an electric bass guitar over an upright bass is that is much smaller and easier to transport between gigs it also has frets, which makes finding the notes easier whereas a upright bass is fretless.

So once you learn to play bass you can play in virtually any kind of band and bass players are normally pretty sought after as a lot of people tend to learn regular guitar instead of bass guitar.

How To Get Started Learning Bass Guitar

So now hopefully you’ve decided if you want to play bass or not and if you have, you might be wondering how to get started learning bass guitar.

I say that probably the best way is to find a simple baseline or song to play and just begin learning it. There are a few things that you want to learn first. So for example if you were looking up the music online then you’re probably might need to learn how to read bass tabs. There are many guides for this online if you search on Google.

The other thing that you should begin to learn is how to memorize all the notes on the fretboard. As your need to know where the notes are to be able to play them correctly. Another thing that you want to do as a beginner is just beginning to play the bass as much as possible to build up your finger strength and independence. You’ll also want to learn how to walk the index and middle finger up on your plucking hand as this is the correct way to play the strings.

Then you also want to begin to learn some basic bass scales and also understanding how music theory works. As to be able to play music you need to understand the theory behind it and how songs are musical constructed. Things like song structure and things like that will also help you to make bass guitar easy to learn.

I’d recommend definitely picking some songs that you like yourself as it’s much easier to learn something if you enjoy playing it.

Hopefully this article has given you a good introduction on the question, Is bass guitar easy to learn or not. I hope that you found it useful and that you can now decide for yourself if bass guitars is for you. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. I certainly enjoyed writing it for you and I hope that you also check out the other articles on this website and that they will help you also to answer other questions that you may have.

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